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rob visser 2014
marijke munne
Marijke Munne born in Rotterdam the Netherlands 1949 Academy for modern arts, Willem de Kooning academy in Rotterdam . 1965-1970 Education of art teaching Academie of Rotterdam 1975-1978 In my paintings I want to show the concealed beauty of the ordinary. Trough the enlargement of the objects and the specific place in the landscape, a magical atmosphere is created, which is only enforced by the use of fine painting techniques.  It were the great Dutch painters, who inspired me for my present collection.  My implementation of ‘still lives’ though, have a more modest radiation.  In ‘still lives’ paintings light is a dominant factor that showes the different shades and colours. By enlarging the painted objects and placing them on the forefront of the painting, they attract enormous attention and gives me the opportunity of great detail. In ‘still lives’ it is usual to place objects on a table or a cloth.  I myself chose for a total absence of people and prefere the loneliness of the desert and other inhospitable places. This placing of common objects in my preferred backgrounds recalls this magical atmosphere.